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Pictorial review of recent exhibitions held at the Collection gallery

From 11 January to 16 February 2019

Nani Champy Schott, Emmanuel Chevrel, Dominique Humbert, Desislava Stoilova

In 2019, 18 news artists are on display at the galerie Collection and on international events.

Discover for the first exhibition of the year the unique approaches of 5 artists from 11 January to 16 February 2019 : ceramics, laquer, metal, glass…

Nani Champy Schott, Emmanuel Chevrel, Dominique Humbert, Cécile Geiger, Desislava Stoilova

27 October to 6 January 2018


A daring, unique selection of jewellery with enormous personality: surprising materials, astounding shapes, rare techniques.

Fine craftsworkers : Béatrice Balivet et Isabelle Weislo, Evelyne Alice Bridier, Julie Decubber, Sylvia Eustache Rools, Virginie Fantino, Marion Fillancq, Elie Hirsch, PÿR, Patricia Lemaire, Mona Luison, Laurence Oppermann, Annie Sibert, Jordane Somville, Sophie Terrière, Violaine Ulmer

From 8 september 8 to october 21


The Collection gallery invites nine fine craftsworkers to exhibit their work on the ‘Atmospheric’ theme.

While some evoke aspects directly linked to the atmosphere and meteorological or climatic phenomena, others interpret the effects and sensations that they cause: movements, storms or tremors that demonstrate the power of nature.

Fine craftsworkers : Frédérique Domergue, Ferri Garcès, Marie-Laure Griffe, Haguiko, Dominique Humbert, Claire Lindner, Akashi Murakami, Caroline Wagenaar, Caroline Worner.


Family histories 3 / On holiday

The Collection gallery invites you to discover the next chapter in its series on family histories.

After the first episode, devoted to ‘enfants terribles’, and the second (‘the couple’), this third edition is dedicated to holidays.

Eight artists with a variety of skills and techniques recount their holiday memories, with moments of shared family time, relaxation, laughter, typical summer scenes and holiday-themed décors.

Fine craftsworkers: Anathomie, Nathalie Barbet, Audrey Bignon, Cléo Joffre, Laurence Lehel, Thibault Morisé, Gaëlle Pinard, Claudine Ruellan

FROM 13 MAY TO 10 JUNE 2017

Contemporary Arts & Crafts: Ceramic & Lacquer of Japan today

The galerie Collection welcomes the internationally renowned Sokyo Gallery. The selection of items presented in this exhibition will enable us to immerse ourselves in contemporary

Japanese ceramics. From monumental works to intimate sculptures, visitors will also be able to delight in an original collection of 100 ceramic bowls, iconic objects in Japanese culture.

The creators : Fuku Fukumoto, Takeshi Igawa, Satoshi Kino, Kenji Kojima, Osamu Kojima, Harumi Nakashima, Kouzo Takeuchi, Tomomi Tanaka, Midori Uchida


Animalité ?

During this exhibition, the Collection gallery invites you on a journey back into the wild! It depicts an imaginary untamed world, drawing inspiration from the wildness of nature and exploring the link between animality and humanity through various materials: bone, ceramics, cow dung, leather, feathers, etc.

Creative craftsworkers: Marianne Abergel, Cécile Auréjac, Carolo, Sandrine Charles-Messance, Luisa Maisel, Kyoko Murayama, Jean-François Pereña

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