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From 24 April to 30 May 2020

Expressions métal

Ulysse Lacoste, Karima Duchamp, Flavia Fenaroli, Paulina Okurowska

Shiny, raw, oxidised… metal offers many facets and inspires many artists. This exhibition gives pride of place to the work of 4 creators who singularly shape metal or other materials that evoke this very specific material.

As a metal sculptor pervaded with sciences, Ulysse Lacoste explores the themes of balance, gravitation and movement. He distorts, heats, casts and hammers metal, combining ancient foundry and copperwork know-hows with contemporary industrial techniques.

He plays with physics, geometry and scales to disrupt our perceptions of spaces and volumes.

Karima Duchamp’s practise is intuitive. In her Golden rocks series, the ceramist builds cut out clay slabs volumes, like crumpled origami sheets. The sculptures seem crystallised, they are like artefacts or fossils of a history, witnesses of a moment, appealing to nostalgia. The title of the series is a formal reference to Burmese golden rock: it evokes the symbolic of gold that has been present throughout the entire history of sacred art.

With her sculptures and sculpture-jewels, Flavia Fenaroli develops questions about the meaning carried by the object she is making. It becomes a contemplative space, a question, a utopia. She sees sculpture as a quest for meaning and does a unique and unprecedented work of metal transformation and melting. “Materials think and have reasons to belong into a piece, they have their own language” she says.

Smashed, cut out, engraved and assembled, slate reveals its beauty between the fingers of the artist and gives a geological aspect to her creations. She weaves links between yesterday and today using the traces of time that appear on the surface of the stone. It is almost a remembrance work through the highlighted rust and patina. Monochrome becomes polychrome, stone becomes textile or bark, mineral becomes organic.

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