Ateliers d'Art de France



Each quarter, the Collection gallery stages a new themed exhibition focusing on contemporary creativity.

A unique programme of events that clearly reflects its desire for openness and its will to bring the craft professions and contemporary art together, as a whole and free of any preconceived ideas.

From 8 september 8 to october 21


The Collection gallery invites nine fine craftsworkers to exhibit their work on the ‘Atmospheric’ theme.

While some evoke aspects directly linked to the atmosphere and meteorological or climatic phenomena, others interpret the effects and sensations that they cause: movements, storms or tremors that demonstrate the power of nature.

Fine craftsworkers : Frédérique Domergue, Ferri Garcès, Marie-Laure Griffe, Haguiko, Dominique Humbert, Claire Lindner, Akashi Murakami, Caroline Wagenaar, Caroline Worner.

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