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Montserrat Torrents

Montserrat Torrents ©DR
Montserrat Torrents ©DR

Montserrat Torrents was born in 1970 in Barcelona and first studied literature and sociology before spending several years as a social worker in the island of Menorca where she lived for fifteen years. Her interest in geology and cave paintings naturally led her to turn to ceramics and she met Michel Moglia, ceramist and sound sculptor, who confirmed her vocation. Alongside him, she discovered burners and the wonder that can arise ceramics’ randomness. Settled in France since 2004, she has been exploring a specific research using a mixed technique with very quick ceramic firing.

Montserrat Torrents’ researches hinge on her

« Toiles d’Argiles » (clay canvas), a thin layer of clay placed on a metallic thread. When it gets dry, the clay retracts, drawing cracks that will then be solidified by the flame. The artist takes this picture as a blank page on which she applies pigments and metallic oxides. Each area is shaped with fire, which she always uses on her canvas, outside the oven. Between abstraction and figuration, her paintings aim to translate her perception of the world around her. They conjure up the vastness of lonely landscapes, an arid and strange mineral world, sometimes peopled with animals, plants, human beings whose vulnerability she is looking to render.

Montserrat Torrents
Ceramist and paintor, born in 1970 in Barcelona, Spain
Lives and works in Etigny



  • Maison Jean Cousin (Musée de Sens)
  • Pleins Feux. Ivry-sur -Seine
  • Inventerre; céramiques contemporaines. Collection Anderson. Le Puy en Veley
  • Empreintes. Paris
  • Atelier du 19. Saint Aubin Château Neuf
  • Village d'inspiration des Peintres. Ile d'Oléron; Saint Trojan Les Bains


  • Musée Jean Larcena. Saint Aubin Château Neuf
  • Adheramus. Sens
  • Galerie Cara Mars. Auxerre


  • Salon à Veneux les Sablons. Prix du jury
  • Terralha (Saint Quentin La Poterie)
  • Galerie Acanthe (La Ferté Loupière)


  • Salon du Printemps à Neuville sur Oise


  • Saint Leu La Foret


  • Galerie Thalos, Villeneuve sur Yonne


  • Grange à Joseph, Douvaine


  • Marché de l'Art, Conflans Saint Honorine


  • Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste, Toucy


  • Terrània, Montblanc, Catalogne. Prix du Public


  • Galerie du Don, Le Fel . Depuis, en permanence dans la Galerie


  • Gouda, Holande


  • CERCO (Salon de Céramique Contemporaine), Saragosse, Espagne

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