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Mireille Moser

Mireille Moser © Christophe Grilhé
Mireille Moser © Christophe Grilhé

After graduating from the Geneva school of Fine Arts in 1976 at the age of 21, Mireille Moser opened her own workshop a year later in the same town, where she comes from. She spent ten years working there before she settled in France in 1987. She has been tirelessly living and experimenting for over 20 years in Rochebaudin, in the Drôme department.

Mireille Moser combines stoneware and porcelain: she uses the first one for its strength, its structure, which allows her to come up with volumes she wishes to be large and “stocky”. From porcelain, she captures the extreme plasticity, the flexibility, and also the whiteness, which she will then colour with oxides. She first models the stoneware slabs by hand, while they are as thin as a sheet of paper. That is when she composes her piece, like a painter with colours. Here and there, she sometimes enhances the volume by scratching the material. After a first firing, the piece is enamelled, and then fired in a gas oven. The fire then crystallises these two very dissimilar types of clay and results in pieces with unique textures, sometimes very colourful, sometimes matt black, with structured shapes and geometric patterns.

Mireille Moser
Sculptor and ceramist, born in 1955 in Geneva, Switzerland
Lives and works in Rochebaudin



  • PAD Paris, Galerie Meubles et Lumieres
  • Centre d’art Yvon Morin, Le Poet Laval


  • Maison de Brian, Simiane la Rotonde
  • Exposition personnelle, Galerie Meubles et Lumières, Paris


  • Journée de la Céramique, Place Saint Sulpice, Paris


  • Galerie Meubles et Lumières, Paris
  • Journée de la Céramique, Place Saint Sulpice, Paris


  • Exposition Galerie S. Emiliani, Dieulefit


  • 1ère biennale de céramique contemporaine à Chantemerles - les - Grignans


  • Présentation au jardin des fourneaux de terre ''Le Goût du Feu'' à Rochebaudin


  • Présentation au jardin des fourneaux de terre''Le Goût du Feu''
  • Exposition au jardin avec J.F. Pereña et Muriel Laurent à Rochebaudin


  • « Terre d'Ecriture », Grignan
  • Galerie S. Emiliani, Dieulefit


  • Exposition au jardin avec TAN. GO et J.F. Pereña à Rochebaudin
  • Exposition personnelle, Galerie Accro Terre, Paris


  • Galerie La Célestine, Paris


  • Exposition / Défilé au jardin avec J.F.Pereña, E. Bronzino à Rochebaudin


  • Galerie Reinier, Déventer, Pays Bas


  • Prix des Céramiste Suisse
  • Prix de la Ville de Genève : Lucignolle – Chevallier


  • Musée de Nanchang, Chine
  • Musée Ariana, Genève, Suisse
  • Musée d’Echellette, France
  • Musée d’art et d’industrie « La Piscine » Roubaix, France

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