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Isabelle Roux

Isabelle Roux ©DR
Isabelle Roux ©DR

Isabelle Roux is self-taught. She has been working with clay for over thirty years, in her workshop near Lourdes, at the foot of the Davantaygue mountain. She created her first piece on the day she turned 33. Since then, she has not stopped working with clay with a very personal technique. She creates stoneware containers, modelled, sculpted and engraved, sometimes very large, and has been conducting the research with porcelain since 2005.

Her containers conjure up “open spaces”, vibrating with light. Working from very thin strips of clay, stretched to the breaking point of the material, with a confident gesture, her pieces aim to express the emotions that inhabit her facing the nature and the landscapes around her. As for porcelain, she suggests their minerality. Her pieces are then striped and saturated with engraving lines which fit her work with the ancient tradition of primitive ceramics, while underlining the contemporaneity of the lines and the work on the material. For a decade, Isabelle Roux has been painting on paper, with which she develops a new, very personal pictorial language.

Isabelle Roux
Ceramist and plastic artist, born in 1954
Lives and works in Pierrefitte-Nestalas



  • Galerie Zèbres, Paris, France


  • Les journées de la Céramiques, Paris, France


  • Les journées de la Céramiques, Paris, France
  • Chapelle des Pénitents, Falcion, France
  • Galerie Médiart, Paris, France


  • Musée Le Carmel, Tarbes, France


  • Salon « Contrastes », Roubaix, France
  • Le Lavoir « terre nue », Clamart, France


  • Exposition privée, Paris, France


  • Exposition privée, Paris, France


  • Compagnie de la Chine et des Indes, Paris, France


  • Exposition privée Paris, France
  • Galerie Nadia B, Dieulefit,France
  • Parcours Céramique "Terralha 2011", Saint-Quentin la Poterie, France
  • Galerie "Convergences", Paris, France
  • Centre de céramique contemporaine, La Borne, France


  • "Le fil rouge", Roubaix, France
  • L' Atelier, Ateliers d'Art de France, Paris, France


  • Galerie du Loup, Bordeaux, France
  • Atelier Karidwen, Paris, France
  • Galerie « L’Atelier », Paris, France
  • Salon Maison et Objets, Villepinte Paris Nord, France


  • La Cour des Métiers d'Art, Pont-Scorff, France
  • Espace Bonnefoy, Toulouse, France


  • Abbaye de l’Escaladieu, Bonnemazon, France

2005, 2007

  • Galerie Nadia B., Dieulefit, France


  • Galerie Brigitte Griffault, Montauban, France


  • Biennale du Grand-Pressigny, France 

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