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Wen Tien

In Asia, where I come from, an empty space is as valuable as a full one, a sign can change a shape and a shape can transform a sign. I am therefore naturally inspired by contours, profiles, lines, curves, circles, squares, domes, flat surfaces, and fullness contrasted with emptiness. I play with shapes but I don’t choose them, they impose themselves on me as I work. I ensure that my pieces are not functional and I even close them up to ensure that they are not seen as objects with a purpose.

I create smoked objects that look like bronze. The light tints of the enamel contrast with the ashen colours of raku, like gloss and matt, satiny and smooth, rough and cracked. My main inspirations are black and white.

I am fascinated by the conflicts between automation and controlled chance, accidents, paradoxical shapes. My benchmarks are a bit like those of a photographer in a lab, working with negatives and waiting for revelation. For me, it is fire that produces revelation.

I always feel the need to make these pieces bigger, to work towards the monumental and with new materials, to mix wood, clay, bronze, resin, etc. 

Wen Tien
Ceramist, born in 1963
Lives and works in Montpellier, France

Main exhibitions


  • L’Art en Boi?te, Be?ziers, France

  • Accords Majeurs, Paris, France
  • La Nef, Montpellier, France


  • Avec ou sans préméditation, Paris, France


  • French Art Tour, Ateliers d’art de France - Liuli Museum, Shanghai, China


  • Revelations Biennial, Paris, France
  • Collection Piet Moget, Lieu d'Art Contemporain (L.A.C), Narbonne, France
  • Galerie Caroline Tresca, Paris, France


  • Artnim 11, Galerie Cinequanon (Londres-UK), Ni?mes, France


  • Salon d'Art contemporain, L'isle sur Sorgue, France


  • Craft, Maison et Objet, Paris, France
  • The furniture and the Contempory object, Salon de l'Ode?on, Paris, France


  • Puro Arte 07, Internationale Contemporary Art Fair, Vigo, Espagne


  • Artifact 05, Bruges, Belgium


  • Raku, Centre culturel Franco-Japonais, Espace Hattori, Paris, France

Public and private Collections 


  • Louis Vuitton Architecture Department, Japan 


  • Lieu d'Art Contemporain (L.A.C) - Collection Piet Moget, Narbonne, France


  • Centre culturel de Tursan, Cite? de la Fai?ence, Samadet, France


  • Galeria arte in galeria, Lisbonne, Portugal


  • Ville de Montpellier, France



  • Parc culturel de la ce?ramique de Shigaraki, Japon


  • Tuileries de Pouligny, Cheniers, France

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