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Martine Hardy

I use a number of disciplines, exploring painting, drawing and sculpture through various techniques and materials, and adopting Jean Arp’s philosophy that “First, you must let the shapes, colours, words and sounds grow, then you can explain them”.

Often composed of integrated, stackable elements that can be combined in multiple ways to form a collection of somewhat organic shapes, my sculptures are made of modelled clay, a material that enables me to work on volumes and materials at the same time. I create series with generic titles: cavities, sleeping people, walls, shy trees, Dada plants, ex-voto.

In botany, ‘shy trees’ are trees whose leaves do not touch each other. They keep a certain distance away from each other. By separating two shapes with a gap, I try to create a space between them and integrate it into the sculpture. The form of my pieces, which also sometimes resemble a nape and a neck, illustrates the notion of separation, which is recurrent in my work; a sculpture often composed of two parts that play with the ambivalence of emptiness and solidity.

Martine Hardy
Ceramist, born in 1959
Lives and works in Saint-Pern



  • Beukenhof, Phoenix galleries, Sculptour 2018, Kluisbergen, Belgium
  • Biennale de céramique, Chantemerle lès Grignan, France


  • Le 56, exposition personnelle, Art sous x, Paris, France
  • Beukenhof, Phoenix galleries, Sculptour 2017, Kluisbergen, Belgium       
  • Anciennes Halles Saint-Briac sur Mer, France
  • Galerie 18h15, Rennes, France
  • Galerie de L'ESPE, Vannes, France


  • Beukenhof, Phoenix galleries, Sculptour 2016, Kluisbergen, Belgium
  • Les Journées de La Céramique, Paris, France


  • Parc de sculptures du château de Bosc, Domazan, France
  • Le Lavoir, Clamart, France
  • Galerie l'Antretemps, Rennes, France
  • Centre de céramique, exposition personnelle, La Borne-Henrichemont, France
  • Biennale de Sologne, Chaumont-sur-Tharonne, France
  • La Consigne, salon Révélations Grand Palais, Paris, France


  • Galerie le Domaine Perdu, Meyrals, France
  • Espace culturel La Gobinière, Orvault, France
  • Galerie Loïc Vallée, Nantes, France


  • Salon Contrastes. ENSAIT Roubaix, France
  • Jardin des Arts, sculptures monumentales parc d'Ar'milin, Châteaubourg, France             
  • Biennale de céramique, Abbaye de Bouchemaine, France
  • Galerie le Domaine Perdu, Meyrals, France


  • Création des trophées du FIFAV (festival international du film sur l’argile et le verre organisé par Ateliers d’art de France), Montpellier, France
  • Jart’din, sculptures dans un jardin, Saint-Michel en Grève, France
  • Halle à Marée, exposition d’été, Cancale, France


  • Céramique 14, Mairie du XIVème, Paris, France
  • Art 9, Saint-Briac sur Mer, France
  • L'art chemin faisant, Pont-Scorff, France      


  • Printemps des Potiers, Bandol, France
  • Biennale de céramique, Andenne, Belgium
  • Galerie Artotia, Morlaix, France
  • Galerie AccroTerre, personal exhibition, Paris, France


  • Galerie Mica "Hibernation", Saint-Grégoire- Rennes, France
  • Galerie Border Line, Saint-Malo, France
  • Espace Mayorga Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France
  • Salon Collect, Galerie Collection, Londres, UK
  • Galerie Artotia, Morlaix, France
  • Galerie Isabelle Goude, Pléneuf Val-André, France
  • Biennale armoricaine d’art vivant/contemporain, Le regard des autres, Saint-Brieuc, France
  • Hors Série, galerie éphémère, Espace Commines, Paris, France


  • Fonds d’art contemporain - Etat de Genève, Switzerland
  • Musée Palissy, Lacapelle Biron, France
  • Collection, Paris, France


  • 3rd price of the jury, Biennale d'Andenne, Belgium, 2008

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