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Dominique Humbert

In my work, different elements are held together in tension. I deal with the notion of continuity, which I push around in order to measure its limits and vitality. In this respect, the choice of lacquer, the result of a continuous, ancient tradition, is crucial. Just like the infinitely slow rhythm of the work and the quasi-obsessive repetition of the movement.

I work with the different layers and stages of life that gradually form a being. In this process, technique joins the composition in the sense that the different levels are perceptible to the naked eye, although it is impossible to tell in what order they were added.

I use all kinds of grainy, fibrous or woven materials that change how the object feels and looks.

I therefore create a more living, raw surface that plays on the apparent wefts, incrustations, scratches and wrinkled skin of the lacquer, gradually freeing myself from the search for the perfect finish often associated with the aesthetics of lacquer. I move away from tradition in order to breathe new life into it. 

Dominique Humbert
Lacquer artist, born in 1971
Lives and works in Paris, France

Main exhibitions


  • Château de Lavardens, France
  • Fuzhou International Lacquer Art Biennale, China
  • Biennale « émergences », Pantin
  • Galerie Hébert, Paris
  • Arty Road Show, Art &Design, Paris


  • Exposition solo, Crypte de l’église Notre de Dame de Ménilmontant, Paris, France
  • Exposition solo, Galerie La Joute des Arts, Orléans, France
  • Les Artisans d’art de Belleville, Paris, France
  • Atmosphérique, Galerie Collection, Paris, France
  • EMPREINTES Concept Store, Paris, France


  • Affordable art fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • International Craft fair, INMA, Lens, France


  • Exposition solo, Art Gallery Rouge, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Exposition solo, Galerie l’Amazonie, Manaus, Brazil
  • Affordable art fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Exposition solo, Galerie Carré d’art, Cahors, France
  • PARISARTISTES #, Paris, France
  • Boutique Talents, Paris, France


  • Parcours d’art contemporain du XIXème, Paris, France


  • Parcours d’artistes, Saint Gilles, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Boesner fair, Espace Commines, Paris, France

Private collections

  • France, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Hong-Kong, Brazil

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