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Canan Cankaya

After producing shapes with sleek lines and smooth surfaces, I wanted to experiment with texture in order to restore the stony, wild appearance of my creations, whilst maintaining the immediacy of the creative process.

The cracks on my pieces take me to lands from a different planet. They remind me of imaginary meteorites, but moving in the opposite direction, heading for space from the depths of the earth’s crust.

It’s thrilling to see these cracks forming and watch how the materials interact. On the wheel, the pot sheds the excess material and is just about to tear when it is born, finding its shape again.

I endeavour to maintain the lines of my pots, their timeless shape like a well-formed body, while expressing the moment when their transformation begins.

Canan Cankaya
Ceramist, born in 1979
Lives and works in Arnay le Duc, France

Main exhibitions


  • Galerie Terra-Viva, Saint-Quentin la Poterie, France
  • Tout feu tout flamme, Saint-Leu-la-Fôret, France
  • Cobalt, D’Art Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Armaggan Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey


  • Galerie Goutte de Terre, Paris, France
  • Les Journéees de la Céramique, Istanbul, Turkey


  • Birligin Sinerjisi, Cultural Center Kozyatagi, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Design Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
  • La Combe du Lynx, Coiron, Saint-Alban, France
  • Thermes de Royat, France


  • Solo exhibition, Galerie Stand-Art, Paris, France 

  • Solo exhibition, Maison du Patrimoine, Cha?tel Montagne, France

  • Galerie Bo??cos, Paxos, Greece

  • Contemporary Ceramic Biennial, SEL, Se?vres, France


  • Chapelle de Notre Dame sur l’Eau, Verneuil en Bourbonnais, France


  • Ceramic Art Andenne, Andenne, Belgium


  • Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey



  • Workshop with Marek Cecula, Design Foundation Bodrum, Turkeyy


  • Foundation VITRA, Istanbul, Turkey

Public collections


  • Beaux-Arts Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

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