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Ingrid Van Muster



I throw

I distort

I tear

I make matt glazes from crushed stones and bake them at 1320°.

I often open the kiln and dull pieces await me... But there at the back, what a treat! Rich with stars or lichen, with reminders of Cévennes and the freedom of childhood, lurks a wild, unexpected piece!

I don’t look for things. I welcome them. Glazing is a complex, demanding technique. But when everything is sorted and under control, I want to give the glazing process the freedom that is indispensable for emotion. And so, sometimes, when I open the kiln, I come across objects of beauty that remind me of something nearby or far away. So I get back to the wheel and throw a bowl, a ring – basic shapes – that tells me stories of a planet that we will never inhabit, but where we can lose ourselves for a moment, stories of skies, rocks, water...

Ingrid Van Munster © Jérémie Logeay
Ingrid Van Munster © Jérémie Logeay

Ingrid Van Munster
Ceramist, born in 1974
Lives and works in Limbrassac, France

Main exhibitions :


  • Le Lavoir, Clamart, FR
  • Galerie Terra Viva, Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, FR
  • La Mostra, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, FR
  • Ceramic Festival Paris 11, Paris, FR
  • Contemporary Ceramic fair, Giroussens, FR
  • Ceramic Festival, Anduze, FR


  • Galerie Fabrika Garazi, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, FR
  • Parcours céramique, Saint-Ouen, FR
  • Ceramic biennial, Villefranche, FR
  • Gump’s, San Francisco, USA


  • SOFA, Galerie Collection, Chicago, USA
  • Permanent exhibition, galerie des Sélènes, Bordeaux, FR
  • Jaune, musée Palissy, FR
  • Galerie Sirbel, Figeac, FR
  • Isis expo, Paris, FR
  • Dominante bleue, IEAC, Musée Théodore Deck, Guebwiller, FR


  • Le Sel, Manufacture de Sèvres, FR
  • La couleur en mouvement, Galerie Mediart, Paris, FR
  • Nature, Galerie Argile, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
  • Passages, Centre Céramique de Giroussens & Maison des Albigeois, FR
  • Maison de la Terre, Dieulefit, FR
  • Bleue, Musée de Sarreguemines, FR
  • Galerie Terres d’Aligre, Paris, FR
  • Ceramic Art Trail, Teralha, Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, FR

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