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Denis Castaing



Clay always brings me back to drawing like drawing always brings me back to clay. Unless I try to draw in space with clay.

Obsessed by lines, fold, volume, open-cut surface, empty space, I constantly refer to architecture in my work. Through my sculptures, I am leading a quest for movement in motionless. I am trying to integrate clay in a deployment, a tectonic dimension, a rhythm.

My approach questions the relationship that the sculpture has with the interior space it contains, a place where empty space can act. My works also developp a link with the surrounding space. In each of my creations, I try to establish a dialogue between form and light, shape and color. My idea is to create a sort of vibration around lines and volumes. In the affirmation of a plastic presence for me light is a full and essential material, as important as clay.

Denis Castaing ©DR
Denis Castaing ©DR

Denis Castaing 
Ceramist, born in 1969
Lives and works in Saint-Mesmin, France

Main exhibitions : 


  • Ceramic Event VIII, Brusells, BE
  • Gendras Régnier Gallery, Paris, FR
  • Révélations Biennial, Paris, FR
  • Plis, Collection gallery, Paris, FR


  • Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, FR
  • International Biennial, Vallauris, FR
  • Altérités, Terres d’Aligre gallery, Paris, FR
  • Christa Gebert Ambiente Designpreis, Rapperswil, S


  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Ceramic Event VII, Brusells, BE
  • International Ceramic Biennial, Steenwerck, FR
  • Ceramic Festival Paris 11, Paris, FR


  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Ceramic Festival Paris 11, Paris, FR

Residencies and awards : 


  • Laureate Skills Academy, Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Paris, FR

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