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Christine Coste



Based on an encompassing theme (the body), Christine Coste intertwines three specific art forms: ceramics, drawing and performing arts. 

The artist often explores the notions of fragment and hybridisation, as in corpusgraphie, a collection of ceramic sculptures in which man and animal are fused together. Stoneware hybrid mutants enhanced with black iron pencil, these condensed bodies display their hairiness, covered in a fleece-like mix of hair and fur. The faces are often hidden or obliterated to make it easier to understand the nature of these creatures transformed by metamorphosis, an encounter, the search for identity and emancipation.

Christine Coste ©DR
Christine Coste ©DR

Christine Coste
Artist, born in 1965
Lives and works in Montreuil, France

Main exhibitions :


  • Contrastes fair, Roubaix, FR
  • Venus Vesper, L’Atelier, Art center, Mitry-Mory, FR
  • Romantic Life Museum, Paris, FR
  • Minimenta, Point Rouge Gallery, Paris, FR
  • Entrouvertures, Point Rouge Gallery, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, FR
  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR


  • Solo exhibition In Situ gallery, Nogent-le-Rotrou, FR
  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Minimenta, Point Rouge Gallery, Paris, FR
  • Le jardin d’Eros, Paris, FR 


  • Incarnation, Point Rouge Gallery, Paris, FR
  • Carthographies intimes, Art contemporary center 116, Montreuil, FR
  • Dessin fair, Paris, FR
  • Le coeur au ventre gallery, Lyon, FR


  • Solo exhibition, La Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris, FR
  • Corps et Âmes, La Ralentie gallery, Paris, FR
  • Tout va bien, Quai Est gallery, Ivry-sur-Seine, FR


  • FYOW, Montreuil, FR
  • L’appartement, Collection gallery, Paris, FR
  • Primaires, Notron, FR

Residencies and awards : 


  • GICB2017 International Ceramic Workshop, KR

Public and private collections :

  • Gallery Saatchi, Londres, UK
  • Viviane S., FR
  • Ville de Montreuil, FR

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