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Bertrand Secret



Bertrand Secret has, year after year, produced ceramic or graphical works featuring a fictional mythology that creates a fertile tension between nature and culture. For him, ceramics is literally magical. The clay takes shape; in his hands, what existed in the form of visions and volatile daydreams becomes palpable and physically present. He thinks about the first humans, the first terracotta idols, and he keeps their work going. To mould the clay is to recreate a relationship with nature, respect its rhythm and accept that we cannot control everything. This dialectic with the elements, earth, water, air and fire, this whole process has something meditative, primordial and mystical about it.

“We are children, but old in a dark world that immerses us. […] We will build nests in your eyes. Composite nests in which stalks combine with veins and fingers with the finest twigs, where moss and tears soften your sleep, where thorns remain to wake you from your dreams. The night passes in our heart with muffled beats and rumblings. And we can hear him sing to us, offering us the warmth of the fire. His hands, his bright eyes, they’re called Bertrand Secret.” Michaël Ludwig

Mushishi, Bertrand Secret ©DR
Mushishi, Bertrand Secret ©DR

Bertrand Secret
Sculptor ceramist, born in 1982
Lives and works in Arles, France

Main exhibitions :


  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Viviane S, une collection ?, Prieuré de Charrière, Sainte-Uze, FR
  • Terralha – Concours de la Jeune Céramique Européenne, Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, FR
  • Romantic Life Museum, Paris, FR
  • Viviane S, une collection ?, Contemporary ceramic center, La Borne, FR


  • Talismans Minimenta, Territori gallery, Paris, FR
  • Viviane S. Une collection ?, Hélène Aziza gallery, Paris, FR


  • SOFA, Collection gallery, Chicago, USA
  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Revelations Biennial, Paris, FR
  • Parcours Céramique Carougeois, CH
  • Minimenta, Territori gallery, Paris, FR
  • International Ceramic Biennial, Chateauroux, FR
  • Cabinet de curiosistés V – Métamorphoses, Da End gallery, Paris, FR


  • Les Inimaginaires, Ceramic center, Giroussens, FR

Residencies :


  • Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, JP


  • Glass casting at Olivier Fonderflick’s studio, Glass foundery, Sa-int-Alban, FR
  • CIRPAC, Research center on stone, arts and culture, Saint-Béat, FR


  • L’art est dans ma nature, Les Jardins d’Estissac, FR

Public and private collections :


  • Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, JP
  • Ateliers d’Art de France, Paris, FR

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