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Armel Barraud

Lace-maker designer


I learned the bobbin lace technique so that I could include it in my work. This new material would enable me to achieve a new form of expression combining drawing, storytelling and wire.

After spending months learning about the logic behind this weaving technique in which the warp and the weft are worked simultaneously, I wanted to use and showcase this ancient technique to stop it disappearing and help it find a place in a modern form of expression. My work as a lace-maker is the work of a designer. My design appears through the wire. My first task was to enable people to understand and appreciate these unmounted wire compositions, which in fact form a mount themselves and have never previously been seen in such dimensions or created in this way. Today, I’ve realised that it’s precisely this uniqueness that is so fascinating. The line traced by the wire demands to be viewed from different angles. The result is on the boundary between a 2D drawing and a 3D creation. Lace has numerous influences on my work. I use the technique and search for inspiration in the iconography that it exhibits.

Armel Barraud ©Nicolas Pfeiffer
Armel Barraud ©Nicolas Pfeiffer

Armel Barraud

Lace-maker designer, born in 1979. 
Lives and works in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, France.

Main exhibitions :


  • Détissage, Cooksonia, Festival du lin, Saint-Thélo, FR
  • Le Multiple, Galerie Louise, Paris, FR
  • Fisch Haus Gallery, Wichita, USA
  • Légèreté poétique, boutique Talents, Paris, FR
  • Revue Composition, birthday exhibition, Galerie O.F.R, Paris, FR


  • Corps à corps, galerie Collection, Paris, FR
  • Autels, Galerie IKI, Paris, FR


  • Renaissance, MET, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila, PH
  • Suivez le fil ! – Entrez en matière, Institut National des Métiers d’art, Cité des sciences, Paris, FR
  • Renaissance, Musée Bargoin and FITE, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
  • Curator of Dentelle... et plus si affinités, Pôle expérimental des Métiers d’art et FRAC, Nontron, FR
  • Folles dentelles, Galerie À l’écu de France, Viroflay, FR


  • SOFA, The French Craft Project, Chicago, USA
  • Nuit blanche, Seikado Gallery, Kyoto, JP
  • Collect, The French Craft Project, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  • FITE, Festival International des Textiles Extraordinaires, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
  • Dentelles, Abenberg Museum, DE

Residencies and awards :


  • Cité de la dentelle, Calais, FR


  • Villa Kujoyama, Culture France, Kyoto, JP


  • Sepan Talo, Rauma, FI

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