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Antoine Pierini

Glass sculptor


My work, representing the most beautiful things that nature can offer, involves not only finding these emotions, but also reminding us of its fragility and of the fact that, if we are to continue marvelling at it, we need to protect it so that we can pass on this legacy to future generations.

My creative process is theme-based. I decide what approach I will take and then I carry out my projects, using all my know-how in order to express my artistic vision. With a naturalist mother who is now curator of fauna and fl ora for the PACA region, I was brought up to observe nature, to listen to it and, especially, to respect and preserve it. When we take a moment to look at nature, it invites us on a journey, to experience an intimate moment of well-being and meditation, and at the same time it pulls us away from the trivial little problems that pollute our everyday life. It is these kind of emotions that I seek to transmit through my creations, some of which are designed to be versatile, moving and therefore evolving.

ROC4A8, Antoine Pierini ©DR
ROC4A8, Antoine Pierini ©DR

Antoine Pierini
Glass sculptor, born in 1980
Lives and works in Biot, France

Main exhibitions :


  • Solo exhibition, Espace de la Calende, Rouen, FR
  • Initiator of the project « Kids Design Glass » between Tacoma et Biot (twinned cities).
  • Beachcomber Hotel, Biot Sophia-Antipolis, FR
  • Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel, FR
  • Révélations Biennial, Paris, FR


  • Solo exhibition, Musée d’Archéologie, Antibes, FR
  • French Arts Factory gallery, Paris, FR


  • French Arts Factory gallery, Paris, FR
  • Vestiges contemporains, Médiathèque, Biot, FR
  • Révélations Biennial, Paris, FR


  • Espace de la Calende, Rouen, FR
  • Pilchuck Glass School’s 35th Annual Auction, Seattle, USA
  • Maison & Objet, Villepinte, FR
  • Guyenne Art Gascogne gallery, Bordeaux, FR


  • Laetitia gallery, St Germainen-Laye, FR


  • Victor Hugo gallery, Saintes, FR


  • CCAA Glass Kölln gallery, Cologne, DE
  • Joel Dupuis gallery, Hardelot, FR

Public and private collections :


  • Musée d’Archéologie, Antibes, FR


  • Museum of Glass, Tacoma, USA


  • Ernstingstiftung Museum, Coesfeld, DE


  • Van Der Togt Museum, Amstelveen, NL


  • Vledder Museum,Vledder, NL 

Residencies and awards :

  • Museum of Glass, Tacoma, USA.

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