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Sylvie Enjalbert



My pots resonate, expressing original, universal pulsations. They evoke pots: ancient pots contained water, seeds, they were used to store, preserve or cook, they contained food. The pots that I make nourish me at the source of what I am. A dialogue can thus begin between an everyday object and a work of art.

On the surface of my pots, movement appears, created by my thumbprint, like small waves. This irregular aspect gives the object a particular soul that comes from the thumbprint, sensing that humanity, that simple trace of the finger, like a movement of life. My creations have both age-old and contemporary tonalities in a quest for universality. Always everywhere, clay, hand and pot.

Through a slow and meticulous process, I try to create a form that appears simple and self-evident. So self-evident that there is no suggestion that it belongs to a particular culture, continent or era. Form can quickly be thwarted. The search for balance begins at the base of the pot and continues along the lines. Each little loop, each little ridge that I add has a meaning. The form either allows these additions or it does not. One detail can disrupt the harmony of a pot or, on the contrary, enhance its beauty.

Sylvie Enjalbert ©Jérémy Logeay
Sylvie Enjalbert ©Jérémy Logeay

Sylvie Enjalbert
Ceramist, born in 1973
Lives and works in Saint-Paul, France

Main exhibitions 


  • Selected Artist, Sasama International Ceramic Art Festival, JP
  • Invited Artist, Creative Spring and Automn Fair, Jingdezhen, CN
  • Grange Hall showroom, Dallas, USA
  • VIP room and showrom, Maison Givenchy, Paris, FR
  • Antipodes, L’Usine, Le Poët Laval, FR


  • Terres, céramique de Sylvie Enjalbert, Les Sélènes Gallery, Bordeaux, FR
  • Les Journées de la céramique, Paris, FR
  • Cache Cache à Malrigou, Pol Chambost’s friends, Saint-Jean d’Estissac, FR


  • Terre Nue, Le Lavoir, Clamart, FR
  • Céramique Vivante, Urbain Cabrol Museum, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, FR
  • Regards Croisés, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, FR
  • Terres Plurielles, Abbey, Beaulieu en Rouergue, FR
  • La Fabrika Garazi Gallery, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, FR
  • Art contemporary center, le Dôme, Port Vendres, FR


  • Huid van Klei, Keramikos, Haarlem, NL
  • Piel Desnuda, Stam Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • Terralha, Parcours céramique Saint Quentin la Poterie, FR

Residencies and awards : 


  • Finalist, International Contest « Art Ceramics and Design », Officine Saffi, Milan, IT


  • Residence, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, JP

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