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Pascale Klingelschmitt



Pascale Klingelschmitt tries, with the help of hard materials, to answer questions linked to the material structures of living organisms, their properties, temporality or state of mutation, in order to make the invisible palpable. Les eaux fortes is a scientific experiment based on laboratory bottles in which content and container are mixed together in the same transparent object. The objects contain independent elements of vegetable or organic origin, some more recognisable than others, that appear to float in the glass as if they were in a jar of formalin. Between attraction, curiosity and repulsion, the items use optical illusion and confusion of the senses to awaken the observer’s interest.

Pascale Klingelschmitt ©Denis Sutter
Pascale Klingelschmitt ©Denis Sutter

Pascale Klingelschmitt
Artist, born in 1968
Lives and works in Lautenbach, France

Main exhibitions :


  • solo exhibition, Art contemporary center L’Escalier, Brumath, FR
  • Maison & Objet, Paris, FR
  • Substrat, solo exhibition, Contemporary art center Le Lézard, Colmar, FR
  • International Design Biennial, Saint-Etienne, FR
  • Révélations biennial, Paris, FR


  • Maison & Objet, Paris, FR
  • Vegetare, solo exhibition, Théodore Deck Museum, Guebwiller, FR
  • Métamorphoses, Hautes Alpes Departemental Museum, Gap, FR
  • Mother Nature, Atelier 3, Marseille, FR
  • Nouveau souffle, La Nef, Montpellier, FR
  • Keramik der Gegenwart, Ludwigsburg Palace, DE


  • Festin, Galerie Collection, Paris, FR
  • Céramique et textile, Maison de la terre, Dieulefit, FR
  • Que des bols, L’Escalier, Brumath, FR


  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR


  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR
  • Résonance(s) fair, Strasbourg, FR
  • La poésie du bol, Théodore Deck Museum, Guebwiller, FR


  • Terralha, European Festival in Ceramic Arts, Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, FR


  • Neuf Gallery, Nancy, FR

Awards : 


  • Small-Form Ceramics Price, Art School, Douai, FR


  • Finalist, Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris, Paris, FR

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