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Kaori Kurihara



My designs are always inspired by nature. I am fascinated by natural shapes and their geometric repetition in nature. Each part seems to repeat itself, but never in the same way. The coexistence of these regular and irregular patterns fills me with a sense of vitality. To produce this sensation, I create pieces that are both realistic and dreamlike as I seek to fashion my own form of nature. The thing I love about clay is the fact that my hands are always in direct contact with the surface of the piece that I am creating. At the start of the creative process, I produce a very rough drawing, just an outline sketch with a single stroke. I don’t draw a detailed image because I don’t want to make a comparison that would cut off the conversation with the piece in front of me. In the subsequent stages, it’s the piece that guides me as I add the details, colours and finishing touches. I like my creations to have a life of their own once they’re finished and I like the fact that they emerge of their own accord.

Kaori Kurihara ©DR
Kaori Kurihara ©DR

Kaori Kurihara
Ceramist, born in 1987.
Lives and work in Paris, France.

Main exhibitions :


  • Marché OZ métiers d’art, Strasbourg, FR
  • Résonance[s], Strasbourg, FR
  • Parcours Céramique Carougeois, Galerie h, Carouge, CH
  • Les Journées de la céramique, Paris, FR
  • Révélations biennial, Paris, FR
  • Hyper-Nature, Ateliers de Paris, Paris, FR
  • Artistes du Monde, Bibliothèque de UCO, Angers, FR
  • Crazy, Empreintes, le concept store des métiers d’art, Paris, FR


  • Résonance[s], Strasbourg, FR
  • Exhibition with Kim Chunhwan, Arthus Gallery, Brussels, BE
  • Les Journées de la céramique, Paris, FR


  • Transmission, Studio411, Montpellier, FR
  • Révélations biennial, Paris, FR
  • Vert Infini, Ateliers de Paris, Paris, FR
  • Maison&Objet, Paris Nord Villepinte, FR
  • Exhibition of the works of the winners of the Young Creative Craftworker’s Award, Drouot, Paris, FR


  • Végétal, Centre Céramique, Giroussens, FR


  • 3e biennale de la céramique contemporaine Terres d’empreintes, Art Ceram, Sèvres, FR

Awards :


  • Winner of the Young Creative Craftworker’s Award, Ateliers d’Art de France

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