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Jane Norbury


Organic forms created from striated slabs of clay that are manipulated by corporal impulses; pushing, folding, lifting, into three dimensional volumes. The act is a dialogue with the clay, where neither the maker nor the matter is completely in control, the hand does not leave its mark – it’s the energy of the movement that rests. The resulting forms have an interior life that is at once familiar and strange, evoking many comparisons but I hope remaining completely abstract. The impressed lines follow these undulations and distortions, which are emphasised by filling the grooves with white slip. Worked when the clay is wet and malleable, the pieces retain an appearance of softness and fluidity. However I have often seen people involuntarily touch them to confirm that they are indeed transformed by fire to stoneware.

Jane Norbury ©DR
Jane Norbury ©DR

Jane Norbury
Ceramicist and sculptor, born in 1958
Lives and works in Saisy, France

Main exhibitions :


  • TimeLines, Grand site de Bibracte et Musée Archéologique, FR
  • Ceramic Event 8, Brussels, BE
  • 48 gallery, Lyon, FR


  • Contemporary Ceramic Biennial, Chantemerle lès Grignan, FR
  • L’Eau touche la terre, Cortiambles church, Art Image, Chalon sur Saône, FR
  • Ceramic 14 fair, Paris, FR


  • Corps Sensibles, L’ARC Scène Nationale Le Creusot, FR
  • Hors Socle, Ceramic Center, Giroussens, FR
  • Vivre Le Lieu, Parcours d’art contemporain, Ozenay, FR
  • De couleur et de terre…, Le Grand Galerie Savasse, FR


  • White Stream, Cambo House, Scotland, UK


  • Strates, Espace Gainville, Aulnay Sous Bois, FR
  • Les Journées de la Céramique, Paris, FR


  • Solo exhibition, Nadia B gallery, Dieulefit, FR


  • Jardin d’été, Camera Obscura gallery, Paris, FR
  • International Biennial of ceramics, Châteauroux, FR

Public and private collections :

  • Shigaraki Museum of Ceramic Art, JP

Residencies and awards : 


  • Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado, USA


  • Residency in Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, JP


  • Contemporary Art Center Vaste et Vaque, Gaspesie, CA

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