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Alain Mailland

Wood turner


All my work is based on the beauty of wood. I mainly use precious roots and species from the South of France.

There is a correspondence between all the species living on earth. You can find animal or mineral shapes in roots and vegetable forms, and in stone or bones. We humans are linked with all things growing on the earth. This is what I feel when I make my sculptures. These creatures seem to be alive, because I first turn growing shapes, like flower shapes. I reproduce the expansion of a flower or all circular structures of the universe. The birth of these objects is the incarnation of a dream.

Alain Mailland ©DR
Alain Mailland ©DR

Alain Mailland

Wood turner, born in 1959.
Lives and works in Chamborigaud, France.

Main exhibitions :


  • Maison&Objet, Paris Nord, FR
  • Solo exhibition, Arthus Gallery,Brussels, BE
  • La combe du Lynx, Saint-Alban, FR
  • SOFA, Adam Blaue Gallery, Chicago, USA
  • De mains de maitres, Luxembourg, LU


  • Révélations biénniale, Paris, FR
  • SOFA, Riley Galleries, Chicago, USA
  • SOFA, Collectors of Wood art Exhibition, Chicago, USA
  • La combe du Lynx, Saint-Alban, FR
  • Maison Parisienne, Brussels, BE, and London, UK
  • La Nef, Montpellier, FR
  • Small Treasures+Turned and Sculpted Wood, Del Mano gallery, Los Angeles, USA
  • Maison&Objet, Paris Nord, FR


  • The Future is handmade, Kalmar Museum of Art of Sweden, SE
  • Grovewood Gallery, Permanent exhibition, Asheville, USA
  • SOFA, Riley Galleries, Chicago, USA
  • Éclats d’âme, with Maison Parisienne, Brussels, BE
  • La combe du Lynx, Saint-Alban, FR
  • Turn Around, Handwerksform, Hannover, DE 

Public and private collections :

  • Musées des Pays de l’Ain, Lochieu, FR
  • University of Michigan Museum of Art – Ann Arbor, USA
  • Long Beach Museum of Art, California, USA
  • Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

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